I Have a Survey (read on to find out why)

Hello again, friends! Today, I'm very excited to announce that I have, well, an announcement!  For the past couple of weeks, I've been praying about and looking at starting a new blog.  One that will be (Lord willing) a lot  more organized and professional than this one. I'm trying to learn from all of the mistakes I've made thus far, and, like I mentioned, be much more organized. See, I even have a bit of a mission statement:   This new blog, called Redeem the Time, will be focused on connecting with my generation, inspiring and empowering today's teenagers to live their lives in devotion to Christ. However! Before I launch, I could seriously use your help. I've created a quick, two minute survey. The responses I receive will shape the direction of this new project. Will you please take a few minutes to: 1. Complete the survey yourself 2. Share this with any teens, parents, or youth workers you think would be interested Here's the link to the survey: https

Interview with Ava Rose Scott

Hello again, friends!  I'm here this time with an interview with my friend and author Ava Rose Scott, in which we discuss her published book, For All of Them Lost.   Let me tell you, if you have the opportunity to read this book, it is so worth it.  Her story, characters, and poetry is all so beautiful. To start off, welcome, Ava!  Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your book? Yes! To start, a little about me:  I'm a teenage girl with a heart for God, writing, and reading! My favorite genre to read is Historical Fiction in the Young Adult category. :) I also love dystopian! My favorite two books (so far) would be The Book Thief and Girl in the Blue Coat ! I also love aesthetic and Fall leaves. Two things that go along together so perfectly! Now, a bit about my book! My book is a book of poems. Poems that go from the baby in the womb, to the girl going to have an abortion, to the girl who decided to keep her baby. So three storylines, three "main" charac